Ultrasound washing machine Upgrade

This project is a major upgrade of the idea to clean/wash clothes and other small, water resistant items.
This divice does not require impulse transformer and is not critical to the type and number of piezo activators. A new way to sweep the frequency is used, in order to improve the efficiency of the cleaning.
Driving a piezo buzzer at a high frequency is not an easy task, especially when it is out of resonance. A special curcuit for insuring a dead time in the switching the output transistors was emplemented. This way, a great improvement in the power efficiency was achieved.

As with the first device, this can be powered both from a 12V car battery and a 220/110V to 12V adapter, so it can be used in- and outdoors. Here you can learn more about ultrasonic washing/cleaning and here are instructions for operation of the device. In short, with this device you get:

- You can wash delicate tissues as silk, nylon, underwear, man ties and so on.
- Colors of the clothes will be more radiant than ever.
- The clothes will have a soft, feather like touch.
- Ultrasonic washing effectively kills most of the bacteria on the clothes.
- Energy saving - the device consumes appr. 4W.

DIY ultrasound washing cleaner circuit DIY ultrasound washing cleaner case DIY ultrasound washing cleaner piezo activator ultrasound washing assembled

If you want to get the whole project with the LTspice simulation, Eagle PCB design and more tips, use the form below.