Tube Sound Electric Guitar Effects

This article will help you to build yourself a Guitar pedal, that sounds like SansAmp GT2 and Behringer GDI 21.
The project is easy to build at home and will add a new impressive sound to your instrument.
In short, with this device you get:

- simple and low cost design, compact and lightweight device.
- 4 different basic settings (clean, clean+tube sound, distortion, distortion+tube sound), changed with a single push-button.
- low noise and natural distortion.
- low consumption, can be powered by a 9V battery.
- low output impedance, can directly drive earphones.

guitar_effects_case guitar_effects_pcb guitar_effects_circuit

Here you can hear recorded samples from the pedal.

The tube sound of a guitar amp has become almost mythical for musicians. The soft and natural distortion of tubes, combined with an output audio transformer, is the reason that any player with a sensitive ear is ready to spend big money on such equipment. For DIY projects it is best to use, what is called, a cabinet or speaker emulator.

Analyzing the output of a real tube amp, you will find that in contrast with the linear transistor one, it has peak at bass frequencies, a through at 1kHz and second peak above 4kHz.

Tube sound (cabinet) output.
Transistor sound output.

If you want to get the whole project with the LTspice simulation, Eagle PCB design and more tips, use the form below.