Printed Curcuit Board Design

Making Printed Circuit Boards at home was aways a key issue for people, interested in electronics. Maybe the most simple method is using laser printer and a home iron.
There are thousands of tutorials how to do it, but as they say – the devil is in the details. In the following lines I will show you how to make yourself good quality, single and double sided PCB.
Here is a photo of a PCB to illustrate what to expect from this method.

The basic idea is to print the design on a paper and to transfer the image on a copper plate than to etch the printed wires.
The transfer medium used is toner. That is why you need a laser printer. The good thing is that you can print the design in a printer shop.
You will need:
- heat transfer paper
- a copper plate
- an ethyl alcohol, acetone (nail-polish remover also works) and a fine sand paper to clean the surface of the copper plate.
- home iron.

It is important to understand that toner is not an ink but a kind of plastic. The best image transfer is made when the toner is melted, not liquid or burnt...
But let’s start to make a PCB step by step.