INDUCTORLESS High Speed Multivibrator

This article will help you to build yourself a high speed inductorless multivibrator. Its features make it a versatile solution in any radio frequency application.
There are lots of schemes that oscillate in the 40 - 120MHz range, but they usually use LC circuits, varicaps, pin diodes, controlled by 0 to 30V voltage source. This makes the devices more complicated and a special correction of the output levels of the signal is needed.
The proposed design offers a wide range of frequency tuning, stable output levels and is powered by a +5V supply.
It is a VCO - a Voltage Controlled Oscillator, and it is controlled by 0 to 5V voltage source, so it can be easily incorporated in any RF equipment. The same circuit can be used for different frequencies with a change of the active elements.
The circuit does not have any inductances and is less influenced by electromagnetic sources.

high_speed_multivibrator high_speed_multivibrator_pcb high_speed_multivibrator_pcb high_speed_multivibrator_circuit

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